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I've birthed two babies.

My first was a lengthy induction and unplanned c-section, and my second was a whirlwind VBAC at home.

They could not have been more different, yet some things remained the same.

On these two days I met the most important people in my life. I held them for the first time, gazed into their bright, blue eyes and marveled at their perfection. On these days, my husband supported me, held me, and we cried and laughed with relief and joy when our babies were finally in our arms.

I have a record of all of these moments from my second baby's birth. All the way from labor all the way through the golden hours. I SO wish I had it for my first.

That is why I do this work. I can think of no higher calling, for me, than to be able to document your birthing-day. To make visible the power of you, to support you in your choices, and to bear witness to your story. To document the whole experience as it really happens - all of the real, raw, unscripted beauty of it.

Proudly supporting all birth choices. I am there to document your story, and I don't bring any of my own preconceptions or expectations into the room. You will see all kinds of birth here, and equal love and care is taken with each. This includes bereavement photography for families in need.

Contact me to book a consultation to discuss your birth, which can also be packaged with maternity and newborn to tell your whole story.

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Will my images be shared on social media?

This is completely up to each individual family. Some love to share their full story with the world, some love to share part, an some love to keep the whole event to themselves. There's no wrong answer here, and I'll ask you what you're comfortable with once your images are delivered.

What happens if you're busy or unable to make it??

As a birth-focused photographer, I have backup plans in place. We are in full communication in the lead-up to your birth, so I'm up to date with where you're at and how you're feeling. In the event that I do have other commitments or am at another birth, I have an agreement with a backup photographer in place so that your birth is captured with the same care and consideration that I would offer personally. I will still handle all editing in my own style.

How long do you stay after baby arrives?

I typically stay around 2 hours postpartum, to capture your golden-hour, first feeds, measurements etc. If you'd like to include sibling introductions the following day, a packaged birth PLUS fresh 48 might be for you!

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