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I wish I had my birth photographed.

Why hire a birth photographer? There are SO many reasons to do so. Read everything you possibly can before you make your decision.

But, let me tell you my experience.

I didn't know about birth photography when my baby was born. I can't remember much from the time I labored, or when my baby finally arrived. But I treasure the memories I have of the day, triggered by the handful of photographs our incredible midwives took for us. I used these photos to piece the story back together and begin to heal from a birth that did not follow any version of the detailed birth plan I had in place. There are gaps, though. I treasure especially the photos of my partner's hands holding and supporting me, and postpartum moments with our new babe. To have the whole experience documented, to leave those hands free to support me, to have my labor and those first moments captured and to SEE what happened to me and to us - that's something I would go back and do in a heartbeat.

That is why I do this work. I can think of no higher calling, for me, than to be able to provide that. To share all experiences of birth and re-normalize the process. To make visible the power of birthing people, to support them in their choices, and to bear witness to their story. To document the whole experience as it really happens - all of the real, raw, unscripted beauty of it. And there was so much beauty, even in my experience.

Proudly supporting all birth choices.

You will see hospital birth, planned cesareans, emergency cesareans, inductions, & homebirths here. Equal love and care is taken with each.

Contact me to book a consultation to discuss your birth, which can also be packaged with maternity and newborn.

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