Hey there! I'm Ebony.

Mum, adventure lover, total nature-nerd, & memory collector.

I bet you've heard the phrase: "the days are long, but the years are short." With every year that passes, I realize more and more just how true this is. But, as the years blend into one another, some days stand out more than others: Our wedding day. The day our son was born. That morning we awoke surrounded by a flock of wild flamingoes (true story!)

These days we remember, and they are so very worth capturing - that's a given! But, I think it's also important to acknowledge that it's the days in between where we spend the most time, and where the quiet magic of the every-day happens. A slow breakfast, snuggles in bed, picking fruit from the garden trees. An afternoon playing at the beach, or watching the sunrise with the person you love. These are the memories that I collect, and I'd love to help you keep them too. This season of your life will pass, as all seasons do. Let me capture and preserve it for you and those you love most, with YOU in the frame Xx

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Tami + Audrey

“Ebony brought warmth and a relaxed atmosphere to what can often be a daunting experience. We felt so comfortable & I believe you can see that through our photos. I adore every photo & many I don't even have words for how much I love them. I can't thank her enough for bringing magic to photos that I can look at and think wow, I love myself in that picture. Thank you Ebony 💕”

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“Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them”

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